Product Review, by Ryder Uetrecht

Ryder & Bear Alum Lance Haidet stretch their hamstrings in downward dog pose.

When I was first introduced to the videos by Abi, I saw an easy way to access yoga courses and lessons while keeping it short enough to not feel like a chore. With a variety of videos as short as 15 minutes, it is very easy to work whatever part of your body that may be tight or unusually sore in a short amount of time.

Ryder and Lance practice some hip-openers with pigeon pose.

If you want to work your core there are core oriented yoga workouts. If you want to open your hips there are hip opening sessions. The amount of sessions are endless and can work every aspect of your body. Abi does a wonderful job making yoga accessible to novices as well as experts. They generally run from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, meaning you can bust them out in the morning when you wake up or on your lunch break.

Ryder and Lance work on their core stability with plank pose.

I cannot recommend these enough. I can already feel a great shift with my existing cycling related tightness relieving since starting these yoga exercises a few months ago. Even when my schedule is packed I can find the time to do these and reap the rewards. There is absolutely no excuse not to do them as they will only better you going forward.