Vail Lake STXC Race Report, by Devin DeBruhl

My call up was better this race – I was about 5th row back. I was super pumped to race at Vail because it’s like a home course to me. I was a fan of the course with super fun, flowy downhills. After crashing, sitting in 4th last lap in short track Friday I knew I belong up there. I was hoping for a clean race on Sunday.

On Sunday, right out of the start I went down hard because of the two riders in front of me locked bars and went down. I was next guy to go down. I got up right away, but unfortunately I lost many positions with the crash. Around the first corner, there were only ten to fifteen riders behind me out of the massive start. Every lap, I was group hoping from one to another.

Finally, I got up to around 12th with that group. I went to make my move on that group. On my way t,o make my way up to the next group, I hit the course tape into the bushes. Then I got left behind from the group. On the last lap, Max and I were in a spot in front of another group and behind the other group. We had to pace line and help each other out to make it to the finish.

At the line, I got 17th and was the 5th American. I wasn’t happy about how the start was because I knew I could have been up there more and done great this race. I felt good and felt amazing, but unforeseen stuff happens.

I can’t thank Julia enough for all the support and my awesome teammates being by my side racing!