Meet Junior Bear Athlete Izzy Heinemann

Every week we will introduce a new member of the Bear Development Team. This week, meet…


Racing Age: 16

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Race Bike of Choice: The Trek Procaliber

Favorite Training Song: I don’t have a favorite training song, I prefer to listen to the nature around me

Favorite Post-Ride Snack: Toast with almond butter and banana or toast with avocado and an egg

Growing up, whether my family was riding through Yosemite Valley, along the nearby reservoir on Bicycle Sunday, or around the school blacktop on the weekends, I have always been around bikes. I did a little mountain biking, but it wasn’t until middle school that I really got into it. I started riding with a local group and had lots of fun trying to keep up with the boys. I quickly learned to love technical challenges because while I wan’t as strong as the boys, I had a better chance of making a switchback or clearing a challenging root section. By the end of sixth grade, I knew all the local trails and was showing my parents around the mountain. I couldn’t wait to join the high school team and start racing.

During the winter I am an avid alpine skier. For the past fifteen years I’ve been skiing every weekend of the winter at Squaw Valley. I started out in the Mighty Mites program and I was skiing the entire mountain by the time that I was eight. Then I joined the race team and have been racing ever since. It started out as something that I just did, but I’ve grown to love skiing and the unique challenge of racing.

When there is not snow on the ground, you can find me camping, traveling, rock climbing, kite boarding or mountain biking. I love any type of adventure and I am always looking to try something new.

Both of my parents and my two younger sisters bike, so we’ve gone on lots of mountain biking adventures together. From Tahoe, to Moab, Baja, Downieville, and Hood River, mountain bikes have become my preferred method of exploring new places.

With my amazing friends, I have also been known to ride around the campground with five people on a tandem, raft down the Truckee river on a blowup sleeping pad, and go paddle boarding in the middle of the night.

Another one of my favorite places is Baja where I enjoy spending time with family friends, camping on the beach, snorkeling, kite boarding, and recently mountain biking.

I like to have fun, but I also like to work hard. This year I am super excited to train hard and push my limits mountain biking, gain race experience, and have lots of fun with my new amazing teammates.