Meet U23 Member Carson Beckett

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Racing age: 21
Hometown: Benton, KY
Race Bike of Choice: Trek Top Fuel
Favorite Training Song: “Now or Never” by Halsey
Best Post-Ride Snack: Peanut butter and honey with banana sandwich

Growing up in a small town in Kentucky, things were usually tight-knit and familiar. After a few years of travel and experience, I have been able to meet people and make connections across the U.S. and the globe…something I certainly am grateful for. I would like to think of myself as quite the adventurer off the bike. It is easy to get sucked into another trail or half hour of riding, but I strive to fight complacency in everyday life, too. Since moving to school in Brevard, NC, it has been a lot easier and exciting to be able to explore. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Exercise Science and I am excited to be able to partner that education with my career in cycling.

At a very young age I started doing some campground riding and trail exploration with my father. After a couple years of that I started actually doing some “pee-wee” races, where my dad could actually just run behind me. Eventually I transitioned out of his running abilities and he had to start riding behind me, but it didn’t take long to be out there solo. I started in racing with a couple local races each year but by the time I had hit middle school we were traveling to race the TBRA series (Tennessee Bike Racing Association). These frequent weekend trips with my local bike shop team and friends marked much of my memory from growing up and I believe is why I fell in love with bikes. Eventually, I guess I wanted to pick things up and began to seek cycling opportunities more and more, putting behind the ball sports.

A few major life achievements that I am super proud of involve getting selected for the Trek All-Star Athlete award for NICA a few years back. This was an honor and I was grateful to be able to go and speak in front of so many figures of cycling. Another is getting a NICA race program started at my high school in my second year there. Since my father and I initiated it, I have seen an amazing amount of friends and young kids pick up biking. The community around my home town has become exponentially more involved and it has seriously shaped the sport’s popularity in our area. Another ongoing achievement that I have been proud of is being able to travel, race, and go on to college while maintaining a strong grasp on my education.