Meet New Bear Team Rider Lucas Newcomb – 2X USA JR National Champ

/ photo Tim Aiken

/ photo Tim Aiken

Watching our kids race against Lucas Newcomb over the last few years has been tough.  He always shows up fit, focused, committed, surgical and ready to suffer.  We are stoked to welcome him to Bear Development Team.   Lucas is a two time USA Junior National XC Champion with an abundance of strong World Cup racing experience, including a silver medal at the Mt St Anne World Cup in 2013.  But he also brings other things to the table.  Our MTB Team Director Julia Violich worked with Lucas when she was coaching with his former program, Whole Athlete.

In their time together there, Julia could see that he was exactly the kind of kid we like to work with at Bear.  He brings a high level of commitment and focus to the sport while still finding a way to keep it fun.  As focused as he is, he also brings an awareness of other into the mix.  Julia could see the strength of his relationships with his teammate and brother, Nick (who now rides for Bear), his teammate and then girlfriend, Kate, the younger kids and everyone else he rode with in that program.  His teammates looked up to him and their training and racing were made stronger because they were able to ride with Lucas.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Lucas Newcomb to Bear Development Team.  We believe in him and look forward to supporting him in the years to come.


From : Nicasio, CA

2014 Racing age : 19

College : Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – History major

Twitter : @lucasnewcomb – Instagram : @lucasnuke

What is the best MTB trail in World?  : Hunters Camp in Marin County

What’s the best road in the world : BoFax Road in Marin County

Favorite Race : Mont St Anne World Cup in Quebec, Canada is the gnarliest, most physically demanding, fun course I’ve ever raced.

Why Bear Dev : I chose Bear Dev because of it’s awesome team atmosphere and love of having fun while remaining dedicated to the training and the racing.  I’ve never been on a team that’s able to have so much fun while being such dedicated athletes.  I am honored to be a part of Bear Dev Team.

How does it feel being back on the same team as your brother, Nick? : Its a good feeling being back on the same team as my brother. Its just much more comfortable and really brings us together to be able to train and talk strategy, but also to have fun and bond. Before we kind of just did our own thing, but now we can help motivate each other and help each other keep things in perspective. Role Models : My parents John and Brenda Newcomb never fail to give unconditional support and I’m always so amazed by how much work and effort they put into everything they do.

2014 goals on the bike : I want to be able to go out and just give every race everything I have and feel like I’ve left it all out there.  I also want to gain as much U23 experience as possible.

2014 goals off the bike : To get really good grades, keep a balanced lifestyle and live life to the fullest!

Favorite Quote : “I sprint marathons” – Jimmy Tatro

What should #bearcamp2013 guest and pro cyclist Sam Shultz do with the mustache he’s been wearing lately : Grow it longer and more glorious.

What do you like about Bear MTB Director Mama Violich : She’s always right there for you whenever you’re in need and ready to support you.  Plus she’s just a fun person to be around.

Favorite Pros : Taylor Phinney has the straight up flow and Julien Absalon is bad ass.

Mentor : My older brother Nick has always been my mentor, from advice for training and racing to everyday life.

What advice would you give a kid who is new to the sport? : Learn to love the training and the suffering.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Remember to keep it fun.

Comment on another Bear Team Rider : I’ve always really respected Bryan Duke.  He’s such a versatile rider.  He went from being one of the strongest mountain bikers on the circuit to one of the strongest road racers out there. I think he has big results in his future.  And he can really send it on any kind of bike.