THREE ProXCT Races in April!

While BEAR’s racing results and development track record is impressive, this team believes that relationships make good things happen. We feel a strong sense of gratitude towards our teammates, sponsors, directors and supporters. BEAR maintains a focus on fun, awareness of other and personal growth driven by values and goals.


Fontana City National ProXCT, Fontana, CA, April 7-8, 2018

Pro Men XC

7th Luke Vrouwenvelder
13th Jerry Dufour
16th Carson Beckett
18th Daniel Johnson
20th Sandy Floren

Pro Men STXC

14th Carson Beckett
15th Sandy Floren
19th Daniel Johnson
20th Jerry Dufour

Junior Men XC

3rd Paul Fabian
12th Dylan Fryer

Junior Men U16 XC

4th Devin DeBruhl
5th Ryder Uetrecht
8th Wren Powers

Junior Men STXC

4th Paul Fabian
12th Noah Hayes
14th Ethan Moyer

Junior Women XC

4th Maddie Jo Robbins
9th Mina Ricci

Junior Women 15-18 XC

2nd Ruth Holcomb
5th Tai-Lee Smith

Junior Women STXC

1st Maddie Jo Robbins
3rd Mina Ricci
10th Ruth Holcomb
11th Tai-Lee Smith

Fontana Race Report

by Devin DeBruhl

This was my first national race, I knew the competition was going to be fast and I have to give it my all. Once camp was set up I was anxious to ride the course! The climbs were long, steep, and technical. I knew racing on the course would be hard. The downhills were very technical which I loved!Saturday was race day and I was prepared for the race. My warmup was done and I headed to staging. I was in second row next to Skye. Once it started it was chaos. I was towards the back of the group and stayed in that position until the asphalt climb and I moved up to top ten. By the end of the first lap I was sitting in fifth with Ryder. We both caught up to third and had some good battles. Last lap me and third went back and forth. I made some sketchy passes on the downhills and gained some seconds but was slowly getting hunted on the climbs. The last major climb we sprinted to the top but he beat me and lappers in front of me made me lose major time on the downhill. I worked my hardest on the last flat section to catch up but the race ended and came in fourth. Definitely a great first national and had lots of fun!Thank you Bear Development Team for all of the support! Huge thank you to Julia for all the help and unbelievable support! Including Trek, Bontrager, SRAM, Castelli, Fox, Oakley, Gu Energy, K edge, DZ Nuts, Rocktape, Camelbak, ESI, Crash Tag, and Scicon Bags!

SoCal Race #3 Cruise the Keys, Lake Isabella, CA, April 7-8 2018

Varsity Boys

3rd Devin DeBruhl

SoCal Race #3 Report

by Devin DeBruhl

Keyesville was my favorite course last year and still is one of my favorites. Has long climbs and very fun downhills! My legs were very tired after racing Fontana the day before but I was ready for a good race!The first lap was me and seven of the fastest riders in the field all as a tight group. Second lap on the major fire road climb Seth and Turner made an attack up it and me and Jonah followed them a little behind. Me and Jonah caught up on the downhill. Now our group of four had a big gap. In the third lap Turner went down so it left me, Seth, and Jonah to battle out the last lap. The last lap Jonah and Seth were making attacks on the top of every climb. My legs were just not there for the attacks. I knew I could make up some time on the downhills which I did. Just not enough to get onto their back wheel again. I kept the same pace as them until the finish. Definitely a fun race and it’s always good with racing such great riders!Thank you Bear Development Team for all of the support this year! Also many thanks to my coach Stephen Ettinger and my awesome high school coach Tony Gamberutti! Including Trek, Bontrager, SRAM, Castelli, Fox, Oakley, Gu Energy, K edge, DZ Nuts, Rocktape, Camelbak, ESI, Crash Tag, and Scicon Bags!!!


US Cup #2 Bonelli Park XC, San Dimas, CA, April 14-15, 2018

Pro Men XC

10th Luke Vrouwenvelder
15th Jerry Dufour
20th Carson Beckett

Pro Men STXC

4th Luke Vrouwenvelder
13th Daniel Johnson
20th Sandy Floren

Junior Men XC 17-18

4th Paul Fabian
7th Dylan Fryer
13th Noah Hayes
16th Ethan Moyer

Junior Men XC 15-16

1st Devin DeBruhl
4th Ryder Uetrecht
6th Wren Powers

Junior Men STXC

3rd Paul Fabian
7th Noah Hayes
9th Harrison Klapheke

Junior Women XC 17-18

7th Maddie Jo Robbins
10th Mina Ricci
11th Clodagh Mellett

Junior Women XC 15-16

3rd Ruth Holcomb

Junior Women STXC

3rd Maddie Jo Robbins

SoCal Race #4 Victory at Vail, Vail Lake Resort, CA, April 14-15, 2018

Varsity Boys

3rd Devin DeBruhl

SoCal Race #4 Report

by Devin DeBruhl

After taking the win at Bonelli I couldn’t wait to keep that speed into Vail Lake. I did a short warm up before call ups. It was in the 80s, humid, and with wind. I like racing in the heat but not so much in the wind. I knew there was gonna be some drafting on the climbs and more strategy to take place. I was second call up and lined up eager for the race to start.From front row to about 5th place to the first climb, I was sitting on wheels till we broke up the pack. On the fire road we split the group up to about 8 riders all drafting off each other. I needed to put in my share of the pull early so I lead the group up until the top of the climb and let others sprint past me. I made sure to rest on the downhill but not leave this group. Still during second lap I was with the group and did some more pulling so my share would be done. For a lap and a half I sat in the train resting, eating, and drinking. Varsity had a varsity loop which had an extra fire road climb which was steep to a very technical decent. Last lap that climb would mean the race. The climb was toward the middle of the lap. Came in about sixth into the extra varsity climb to being third right behind second. First gained a lot from the sprint. Me and second worked hard the rest of the lap giving it our all to catch first. First was in the distance down the last decent. He was just out of reach for us to catch up and I had to take the second place spot. The plan was to take second place into the up and out horseshoe to the finish. I came out of the sharp corner before it slowly up hammer out. Pushed my hard gear and sprinted to get in front put was off to getting in front of second in the horseshoe. Now the plan came to a sprint finish. Gain moment from the corner. Once again grabbed some gears and put in a sprint to the finish. 0.30 off from one step higher on podium. So close to second place but was stoked to get third.Thank you Bear Development Team for all of the support this year! Also many thanks to my coach Stephen Ettinger and my awesome high school coach Tony Gamberutti! Including Trek, Bontrager, SRAM, Castelli, Fox, Oakley, Gu Energy, K edge, DZ Nuts, Rocktape, Camelbak, ESI, Crash Tag, and Scicon Bags!!!


Ringwood Rumble, Ringwood, NJ, April 15, 2018

Pro Men

4th Jonah Vasquez

Sea Otter Classic, Monterey, CA, April 21-22, 2018

17-18 Boys

1st Dylan Fryer
6th Noah Hayes
8th Ethan Moyer
9th Sebastian Dow
11th Harrison Klapheke

15-16 Boys

2nd Dylan Fryer
5th Ryder Utrecht

15-18 Girls

2nd Mina Ricci
5th Clodagh Mellett

The Whiskey Off-Road, Prescott, AZ, April 27-29, 2018

Pro Men Crit

8th Sandy Floren
23rd Paul Fabian (Junior)

Pro Men’s Backcountry

8th Jerry Dufour
10th Luke Vrouwenvelder
17th Sandy Floren
23rd Paul Fabian (Junior)

Gu Energy Labs Product Report by Eli Kranefuss

Over the years, I have worked with my coach to nail my nutrition to make sure that I can train and race to my fullest potential. With Gu’s extensive product range, I know that I have some of the best product to help me out along the way. Most importantly, through their many flavors and products, I almost always have something new in my back pocket helping to make sure I don’t get burnt out of one flavor as well as making sure I am using the right product for the right goal.

When it comes to training, their Stroopwafels and drink Tabs are my absolute favorite. The Stroopwafels taste like real food, as well as have the most important macronutrients for a long day in the saddle. The drink Tabs have a light flavor and provide enough electrolytes to make sure that you’re properly hydrated. When it comes to racing, you need a bit more to keep the glycogen levels and electrolytes topped off.

When I line up for a race, I always have Roctane Gels in my pocket and hydration mix in my bottles. The Roctane gels have a bit more sodium, added branch chain amino acids, and caffeine making them much more powerful in a race scenario than the standard gels. The drink

mix has the same electrolytes as the Tabs, but includes carbohydrates to make sure that you stay on top of nutrition. Since switching to these two products, I haven’t cramped or bonked in a race making sure that I pass the finish line at my full potential.

Finally, whether I just finished a race, a long training day, or just an easy recovery ride, I always finish the ride with Gu’s recovery mix. Protein, carbohydrates and sodium (as well as a great taste) ensure that I am ready to train the following day, no matter what. If you blend the

recovery drink with a banana and almond milk, it tastes even better. A little treat to look forward to after a long training day!

Racing involves a lot of travel. Races never seem to be close to home and unfortunately, planes aren’t the most conducive to health and hydration. Whenever I head to the airport I throw a Gu Tab in my (empty) water bottle, and a Stroopwafel or two in my backpack. This allows me to stay hydrated, even with the dry airplane air as well as make sure that I don’t get to my destination hangry if my flight happens to get delayed and all I can find is a vending machine.

TREK Product Report by Daniel Johnson

For the past three weekends of racing I have been racing on Treks Procaliber hardtail. I really love this bike for the racing in California! The Isospeed technology takes the edge off when it gets rough and theres no better feeling than climbing and shredding on a super light hardtail thats a blast to ride. In between the races I trained on the dual suspension Trek Top Fuel which I will be using at more technical races on the east coast and Canada where that bike really shines.The Sea Otter Classic was the last of three back to back race weekends in California. It was another fast and furious race with lots of top European and American Pros. As always the pace was full gas up every climb and decent. I made my way into a pack of 6 or so riders that stayed together pretty much the whole race. At the end it came down to a sprint with two of my teammates and Cypress Gorry.

At a race like Sea Otter it is awesome to see all the different sponsors, brands, and teams like Trek Factory in person. Then toe the starting line with them! The support that Trek gives to our whole team is truly awesome, I’m so thankful to be riding on these top notch rigs day in and day out!