Sea Otter Dual Slalom Race Report, by Devin DeBruhl

I have always wanted to race the Dual Slalom at Sea Otter, and this year I had an opportunity to race. Everything about it I love, from the bowl corners, jumps, gate start, to the natural corners. I was so excited to ride the course. I got 5th in qualifying which was a great start but my runs didn’t feel too special. Into the head to head racing I felt super good. I had a lot more speed and energy in them. Felt super good throughout qualifying. It got down to the top 8 riders. My first run I got a small lead. Then second run I was back a second which made me not advance any further. I was half a second off making the top 4. Overall, I felt super good and was getting the hang of this style racing super fast. It was so much fun to combine everything I like about biking in one event! Can’t wait till next year!

Sea Otter is a great chance to meet some of our awesome sponsors! It was very cool to meet the Bike Flights crew and Josh Kolbo at Trek! So cool to have such great sponsors with the Bear Development team! Thank you to all the locals and friends coming up to watch the race! Also, thank you Julia and Stephen for supporting me this year and letting me get my tires off the ground this weekend!!