We invest ourselves in the success of our team and teammates. Together, we make good things happen.

We understand that the gifts given to the team by our families, directors, supporters and sponsors represent an opportunity, not an accolade.  We show them our gratitude.

The joy of contributing to and being supported by a real team is a dynamic some people will never experience. We appreciate this opportunity. We give more than we take.

Every day we ride our training plans and communicate with our coaches and directors.   We take care of our bodies, our equipment and our teammates.

There may come a day when, despite our best efforts, we reach the ceiling of our abilities in the sport.  When this day comes, performance-enhancing drugs will not be an option. We stay focused on school. We create opportunities for ourselves in other areas of our lives. We have a strong sense of who we are apart from what we do on the bicycle.

There is no better place than here. No better time than now. No better teammates than these.  We’re healthy.  We get to ride bikes with our friends.  We’re stoked.