Meet Junior Bear Athlete Santiago Sciutti

Every week we will introduce a new member of the Bear Development Team. This week, meet…


Racing Age: 17

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Race Bike of Choice: Trek Top Fuel 9.9

Favorite Training Song: ‘Till I Collapse – Eminem

Favorite Post-Ride Snack: Garden burger

I have always been involved in sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, and track. I rode bikes recreationally through middle school and loved spending hours riding around with my friends and combing the bay area for the best dirt jumps. When I did not make the basketball team freshman year, a friend suggested I consider joining the high school mountain biking team. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The San Rafael Bike Dawgs thankfully let me join even though registration was closed. 

After my first race, I was hooked. I’ve always had a lot of energy and I liked the adrenaline rush of competitive cycling.  Plus it was really fun. Even though it’s an “individual” sport, I appreciate the strong team aspect and the amazing support we receive from it being a fully parent run team. 

Sophomore year, I decided I wanted to get more serious, so I sold my dirt jumper and MTB bike and upgraded to a better ride. Going into season I hoped to do well and was pleased with the results, but knew I could improve if I dedicated myself to increasing my skills. Riding with experienced and stronger riders has been and will be a great opportunity and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season.

One of my biggest challenges is my learning difference that I have lived with since I started school. My struggles with dyslexia have taught me to persevere. Since school comes with academic challenges, I feel my best when I’m on my bike especially because it allows me to focus and gain confidence in myself.  

When I’m not riding my bike on the trails of Marin, I’m chilling with close friends and family. I can be found outdoors participating in activities like backcountry camping, hiking, and sun chasing.