Meet U23 Bear Athlete Colton Sacket

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Racing Age: 19

Hometown: Troy, TX

Race Bike of Choice: TREK Top Fuel 9.9

Favorite Training Song: Who’s Stopping Me – Big Sean & Metro Boomin

Favorite Post-Ride Snack: Smoothies

I grew up in Troy, Texas, a tiny town covered in crop fields. This isn’t where one might expect a mountain biker to come from. In fact, growing up I didn’t even know about mountain biking, much less competitive mountain biking. My original focus was on water skiing and football. However, I suffered a closed head injury which eliminated any chance of me ever being cleared by a doctor to play football. It was through water skiing that I was introduced to mountain biking. Our friends invited my dad to ride with them a park and he fell in love with the sport. My dad then introduced my brother and I to the sport and we have been riding ever since. However, living in a small town in Texas made it difficult to be a dedicated cyclist. Most training rides were lonely and the trail selection was slim. Moving to Durango, Colorado for college shifted me into a completely different dimension. All of the sudden, I’m in an area where cycling is huge and all of my friends share the same passion for riding. I am currently studying business administration at Fort Lewis in Durango. When I’m not studying or riding, I love to go to the gym, go fishing, or hike with friends. I am incredibly grateful to be able to move to Colorado where it is so much easier to pursue the things that I love.