Meet U23 Bear Athlete Caleb Swartz

Every week we will introduce a new member of the Bear Development Team.

This week, meet…


Racing Age: 20

Hometown: Madison, WI

Race Bike of Choice: Trek Procal 9.9 SL

Favorite Training Song: In My Mind – Dynoro

Favorite Post-Ride Snack: Smoothie

I am from Madison, WI. I learned how to cross-country ski when I was two, how to ride a two-wheeler when I was four, and started playing soccer in kindergarten. Both of my parents had raced for years and were avid cyclists. They brought me to my first cyclocross race when I was nine, and the next year, I did my first mountain bike race. I earned a medal, which I thought was pretty cool – and from then on, I was hooked.

I continued to race both cyclocross and mountain locally in Wisconsin as well as traveling to national championships. At nationals, I was always one of the very smallest kids in the field and got my butt handed to me every time, but I loved to race and it was fun! In 2014, I decided I liked racing more than soccer and started working with a coach. Luckily around the same time I started to grow, which, combined with structured training for the first time, helped a great deal!

In 2016, I fully committed to my cyclocross season as a last year 17-18 junior. I traveled to Europe three times to race junior world cups and made the 2017 cyclocross world championship team in Bieles, Luxembourg! The rest of 2017, I went full gas into my last year as junior for mtb and won the short track national championship title in Snowshoe, WV and made the mtb world championship team in Cairns, Australia. 

I now attend Marian University in Indianapolis where I am pursuing a biology degree and racing both collegiately and professionally. Cycling had undoubtedly grown my love for the environment and spending time in nature. So, I am focusing on environmental conservation and get to spend a lot of time in our eco-lab here on campus. It’s no joke trying to balance organic chemistry and racing every single weekend in a row for months on end, but my sister attends Marian as well with similar aspirations (I copied her) and helps me a lot! 

I’m looking forward to finishing off my second u23 cyclocross season and then taking on my second u23 MTB season as a new member of Bear Dev Team!