Bear Mountain Canada Cup XCO Race Report, by Devin DeBruhl

I have been looking forward to Canada for months. Always have wanted to go there to race and ride! Finally the date came. Landed and had a short drive to the airport. First thing when I got to the room was build the bike up to go ride. Always expected the best riding there and it was everything I dreamed of! The course was the most fun course I have ridden. Technical root and rock climbs, flowy downhills, and jumps! I was blown away by the course which made me super excited to race.

With some UCI points I got a second row call up. With a step climb at the start I had to give everything I got to be with the top group into the single track. I was sitting top seven the first couple laps. Then got a little gap with the 3rd and 4th rider. Second to last lap I got a major side cramp and it wouldn’t release it was just getting worse and worse. Bjorn pulled away from me and 4th place. I had to hold on the best I can with 4th so I don’t start dropping back out of podium. Held on to the finish and came across in 5th place. I was so happy to get on podium! Stoked to have a race go my way compare to the past weekends.

Before the race my bike got perfected by Julien. It looked absolutely perfect and rode like the first day I had it! Couldn’t have been able to go if it wasn’t for my parents, Julia, and Jason making it possible! It was an amazing experience and got to ride some of the best trails in the world with some fast riders!